Created for Reviewjam 2023, this is my love letter to the dizzying narrative design of Outer Wilds

As well as talking about some of the mechanics that make this game so special, I thought I'd impose some of those mechanics on you, the reader, to hopefully help illustrate some of the points I'm making. Can you finish reading a review when it self destructs every 2.2 minutes? Now's your chance to find out.

Some of the assets and functionality I already had from a previous Outer-Wilds-inspired project. But this creation, built in Twine, is otherwise entirely new, and was created in a few hours. Frankly, if the review makes any sense at all, it's a miracle. 

Good luck!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAdam Burt
GenreInteractive Fiction, Educational
Made withTwine
Tagsreview, Short, Singleplayer, Text based, Twine


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this is absolutely RIDICULOUS, but i love it. I wish there were more interactive pieces of writing out there!

Thank you for checking it out!


Loved this. Very clever idea, I had a lot of fun with it

Thank you for playing!


Terrific concept, and very interesting to see it applied to staple review formulations like "graphics" and "audio" - got me thinking about e.g. how I sometimes try to dismantle those big familiar structural elements by not-very-artfully weaving between them, much like an indecisive Hearthian astronaut


Thanks for checking it out! I had fun trying to map classic review concepts onto a text-adventure-esque structure. Great idea for a jam :)